Chris Eddgers   Richmond TX CJ2a 1947                                                                                                        


My grandfather found this jeep in College Station and kept it to use around the farm since it was like one that he drove in the Korean war. It finally got to where it needed some major work and he did not feel like restoring it he just wanted to keep it operational.  so I talked him in to selling it to me and letting me restore it.  I got it from him in 1998 and finished it in 2000 now he just enjoys an occasional ride around the field when he visits my parents.  I recently had to pull the motor to freshen it up I was tired of smelling like burnt oil every time I drove it. I hope to be running in about a month then maybe towards the end of the summer I would like to repaint it and fix some small things I did not have money to address the first time around, I hope to get some ideas from you guys on what direction I should go.  The only thing different on it now from the pictures is that I found the original license plates and had them reissued to me.

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