Louie's Trailer Project                                                                                                                                                       


I have been working on a friend for several years to sell me his Bantam T3-C  Trailer.    He had Sand blasted the trailer and primed it 5 years ago well as done quite a bit of repairs to the tail gate area.. 


He had removed the civilian castings  form the font hitch area and was in the process of replacing it with a Pinnacle setup. The original Fulton hitch was M.I.A.  I found a 2" ball  1 1/2" channel setup. Was able to to cut and bend it fit the original casting.  Not an original Fulton  setup, however it is a 2" ball and looks similar to what would have been installed originally.. 

The first pictures are what the original coupler looked like. The second one was modified but shows the profile of the wings from the top.

Louie's Trailer (my son.)  Second picture shows the new couple installed with the original chain setup.

The original pen the that releases the leg was broken off and not wanting to be removed.  I ended up drilling the set screw and re-tapping the hole.  I also had to drill out the main pen.  It was soft metal and took 10 minutes on my drill press to do so.   I have ordered a new  Pen setup from  D&L Bensinger.  They carry a lot of reproduction parts for the military version of the trailer..

Second problem I had with the trailer was the floor.  The front half of the floor looks like Swiss Cheese.  I explored replacing it with a repair panels from Jeep Panels  Plus for $175.00 plus freight. The owner is a one man shop, no website,  Check out our the Links page for current contact information.  I found a posting talking about repairing holes and they suggested trying Lab-Metal from Alvin Products.  I sanded the effected areas down to bare metal and applied duck tape to the bottom of the floor to act as a temporary patch for the repair. .  Over all  I am very pleased and used two 24oz cans and a pint of Lab Metal thinner to repair the floor.   I ended up thinning the product so I could use a plastic spatula to spread it easily.  The areas that where much more air than metal, I did apply two coats.  4 hours after the initial application I took a ball pen hammer and gave a few good taps in the worse area. No cracks, no dings, so far very pleased.  Lab-Metal is not cheap. I paid $29.95 per 24oz can, however a lot less work!  Alvin Products has a store locator on their site.


I will be posting  more as I progress on the restoration.


  1. Finish Repairs to the floor
  2. Paint
  3. Build a  bench so the kids can ride in the trailer (at really slow speeds) at the farm and for parades.
  4. Make a set of original style bows and side rails
  5. Get a chuck wagon cover
  6. Replace the Hub Cap RIMS with matching 15" rims and tire setup to match my CJ3B



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