Jamie's Seat Project                                                                                                                                                       

And she was only going to be a Farm Jeep!  I will be posting pictures  as I restore and recover a set

of original seats for my CJ3B.  I have not been able to find much on the Web about rebuilding or recovering

Late Model CJ3B or  early model CJ5 seats.  Fortunately I have had the honor of meeting Chet! Probably knows

more and has bought more seats than anybody I know. 


The Candidates!



Restored Base courtesy of Chet- He wants my N.O.S. bench seat!


The bottom of the front seats consist of four bars that pins in the rear cross member and Springs into a front clip.  The front clip holds

the spring in place via a crimped  tab. On top of those bars are coiled springs held in place by interlocking  the bottom

to the bar and then via springs crossed and crimps to the outside trim ring.


Not for sure a date but some time in the Sixties they started  reinforcing the bottom bar with a second

one. The second one does not clip into  into the seat frame.

 Issue with the old seats is you really don't know what you got until you take the covers off!  Usually the back is in decent shape and the bottom is toast. Most common problem is the or or more of the rear pins are broken.  In this case the bottom springs where in good shape. Back and frame where pretty bad shape.  Above!


Recovering a seat. Once it has been rebuilt.

Spring on left  is bad.  See the top coil


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