Larry and Candy Steed

I have been collecting, restoring, selling and trading Willys jeeps since 1966. My very first was a '46 CJ2A that a good friend and fellow 3A owner stumbled across that was owned by another mutual friend. Not long after restoring that jeep from the ground up, the fellow I obtained it from just had to have it, so I sold it back to him. That one sale began my die hard, had to have, jeep collection, and I've been doing it ever since, owning at minimum, over three dozen the past forty- one years (most were flatfenders, but several along the way were CJ5's. 

'42 Willys MB - This jeep is the second '42 MB I've owned in the past ten years. The first was a re-restoration that I did, and after obtaining this one through a trade to a fellow military club member for a '43 Dodge WC52 that I owned, I no longer needed two MB's, so my original was sold to another collector. This MB is as close to original as can be, complete with combat rims and all of the canvas items, as well as a WWII high band radio and antenna that has yet to be installed. I own a completely restored (another self restoration, originally an M100, but restored as a Bantam MBT) 1/4 ton jeep trailer that is normally attached when displaying the jeep, or when driven in parades.  

'52 Willys M38 - I obtained this non-running jeep (it had been professionally restored ten years prior) from an estate sales business where it had been sitting unused for two years. I had to install a complete new wiring harness and a few other items to get it up and running again. I purchased a complete set of canvas items, including the winter top and doors. The jeep was equipped with a working Korean war era radio set, and since, I've added a working early Vietnam war era radio set. Knowing how neat it was having a 1/4 ton trailer for my MB, I purchased another M100 trailer and completely restored it to pull behind this jeep. I recently purchased a complete and original Ramsey winch set-up that I intend on mounting to this jeep.

'53 Willys CJ3B - this is the third '53 3B that I've owned since 1967, (the two prior to this, I performed ground-up restorations on, sold the first and traded the second). This 3B was obtained in 2001 through a trade with a good friend who just had to have a '52 Dodge M37 I owned at the time. This was (and still is) a good running jeep, and I'm so proud of it and the fact that I am the owner once more of a 3B, that it will not be sold at any price until after my departure from this good earth. To date I've made too many improvements to this 3B to list (including a bed extension just received), but most recently, I installed a Pertroxix electronic ignition system that has more than proved it's worth in the humid climate of the Texas Gulf coast. For this jeep, I've also restored an early civilian style Bantam manufactured 1/4 ton trailer. Both the jeep and trailer are awaiting a (yet undecided color) paint job.


Items on the agenda for 2008 include:


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