Paul Doskocil 1954 CJ-3B

Items on the agenda for 2009 include:

I really do not have anything on an agenda for 2009.

I do what I need to do as they come up, this jeep is like most I think

and that is it is just part of the family.

My wife and children look foreword to driving and riding in it when we go to the ranch.

Like any older vehicle it has itís problems, I do not think that I need to go into a lot on that.

This jeep was bought new by my grandfather, and I have a lot of memories as a young boy riding in it around town. After he passed, my father kept it up and I as well used it.

Now I have it and still using it for the purpose it was bought, having fun in it!!


Dream list:

There is no Dream list, I just want to be able to use the jeep. I guess one day I will need to rework the motor and trans. but right now not much to do but keep it running for the kid to enjoy




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